Friday, June 5, 2009

Conan O'Brien

I've been a huge fan of Conan O'Brien for some time. I remember being a huge Letterman fan and when this new guy took over his show in 1993, I was unsure about him and very skeptical. It didn't take too long for me to start to really like Andy and the band, but I still was not sold on Conan. I don't remember when the switch came exactly, but probably around the time Letterman was a guest on the show and spoke so highly of Conan. Now, I didn't watch every night, it is on a little late, but whenever it was on, I always seemed to find something funny in the show: whether it was a look, a joke that didn't work and Conan's reaction, or an actual funny bit.
My favorite bit of his recurring gags has to be the Walker: Texas Ranger lever which if you have never seen, please click on the below links:
Walker Texas Ranger #1
Walker Texas Ranger #2
Walker Texas Ranger #3
Walker Texas Ranger #4
Walker Texas Ranger #5

He also could have been his funniest during the writer's strike 2 years ago where it was obvious he was winging most of the show and could not have been more entertaining. Well, you get the point.
When it was announced that Conan was going to become the host of the Tonight Show, I was a little worried that Conan was not going to be the same. Maybe he would tone down his ridiculousness or something. I'm not sure what I was worried about, because it has been 4 episodes, and he is the same. His first entrance he even did his famed string dance which I was afraid would have been retired. He still has the clunker jokes that don't quite work, but his reaction is what makes him fun. He still goes into the future (but now he named it in the year 3000, I liked how they never changed it from the year 2000 even how it is now 2009, but I digress), and his pre-taped recordings have been spot on so far showcasing Conan's amazing humor, wit, self depreciating and fun. Also, his guests have been quite fantastic and all of his favorite guests have been helping him out.
I'm not sure what the general public thinks of Conan O'Brien, but he's got the gig and I hope he wins over all of America like he did this 16 year old in 1993. I do not have hope for the tastes of America, so I hope I am proven wrong and Conan can have a run on the Tonight Show until he seems fit to leave and not be forced out the door.

I was just playing around on the web and I found some extra things. It appears some people think Conan's new set looks like backgrounds from the Super Mario video games. I think they may have a point. Check it:
What do you guys think?

Also, for those of you that haven't seen Conan's new show, at least watch the first 10 minutes or so of the first episode where he shows how he got from New York to LA. It is vintage Conan and his use of Cheap Trick was fun.
Watch it here

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