Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Captain America treatment

With the news of Hugo Weaving cast as The Red Skull in the new Captain America movie, I decided to write a treatment of the movie that I would make given the opportunity to make a Captain America film. I expect the movie they will make to be AWFUL. This is what I would make. Please disregard all my spelling and grammatical mistakes.

My treatment if I was to write a Captain America movie..
First scene before the credits is a Normandy style, WWII invation of Captain America leading thousands of regular army troops into Berlin in 1945. He goes in and somehow him and Bucky get separated in a building where they know Hitler is hiding. In the process Cap uses his shield to ricochet off about 15 walls and it knocks Hitler out, possibly kills him, but the Red Skull is there to launch a nuclear missle that is geared towards America. Cap and Bucky leave Hitler and the Red Skull and jump on the missile as it leaves the silo. They are racing through the sky, and first Bucky hits a booby-trap that won't let anyone tamper with the controls of the missile. The thing blows up, blowing his arms off as he falls hundreds of feet out of the sky in into the frozen water below them. Cap screams, but now that the booby-trap has been blown, Cap knows that he can disengage the missile. Cap uses his shield to basically disarm the missile, and then realizing he has no-where to go, he guides the disarmed missile into the waters where he gets frozen in a block of ice.

Then the credits begin-- 15 minutes into the movie... the credit sequence shows the advancement of technology and super-hero's from 1945-present day.

After the credits, we learn more about the Red Skull still being alive and whatever he's up to trying to clone Hitler (or whatever gimmick they will be using in this movie) hopefully with the cosmic cube.

We then cut to an army training faility (headed by Nick Fury aka Sam Jackson) where they are testing new weapons in the arctic. while there, they blow up and iceberg and see Cap's frozen body inside. They airlift it back to America and thaw him out, where he comes out alive. Fury is the one to break the news to Cap that he's been frozen for 65 years.. He's in shock and doesn't believe them. He thinks it's a nazi trick and he's able to fight his way out of the SHIELD helicarrier.. He's shocked that the carrier is hovering over a futuristic (to him) version of NY. He still doesn't believe it, and he jumps off hte carrier using his shield as a glider (a really cool scene where the shield can be a glider, or he can jump onto a building and uses the shield to slow his fall enough by digging the shielf into a building) . He escapes to NY and he starts looking up people he used to know.
He finds the name of his fiance and as he's walking to see her, we see the flashback of the origin of Cap.... This is the typical story about a smart kid who scores aces on all the intelligence exams, but he's really puny and weak and declared section 8.. We see him back with his girlfriend at the time talking about 'if only i was strong, i'd bring down hitler myself....yada yada'.. This leads to him getting a call from unknown to him at the time Nick Fury who asks him to come down if he'd like to participate in an experiment. We see him go to his girlfriend and she doesn't want him to do it, but he leaves her to join the super soldier program. He gets the injections and then we see the doctor get killed right afterwards, and he kills the assassin accidentally with his new-found strength..

cut back to present day... Cap finally makes it to his exes apartment. She's old (about 85 years old) while he still looks like he's 30. She can't believe it's him. This convinces him that he really is in the future and he returns to SHIELD and Nick Fury to apologize.

They accept him back and the reason they do is because they have intelligence reports showing the Red Skull back and he's about to clone Hitler. They need his help since he has dealt with the Skull before. Cap refuses. He says he just wants to move on with his life. Until Fury tells him that the Skull is using an assassin.. They flash on screen and it's Bucky with cybernetic arms that is the Red Skull's henchman. Cap can't believe his best friend and partner is working with the Red Skull so he decides to take on this mission to finish what he started in WWII.. This is where Fury tells him that he is the only Super Soldier int he world. The process died with the inventor and Fury hopes he will work for his country and continue to uphold truth justice and the american way (a patriotic speach).

Some other stuff happens as filler to prolong the plot. We need another good battle or two. Some investigation scenes into figureing out what the Skull is doing and especially scenes with Cap being the greatest military commander ever.
Everything builds to the final battle of the movie with Cap facing off against Bucky (who's been hypnotized and reporgrammed to not remember his earlier life). They have a crazy battle and it ends with Cap taking his mask off to show Bucky who he is and dropping his weapons and shield and giving Bucky a chance to kill him in cold blood. Bucky snaps out of it when he's unable to kill his father figure. Then they both team up against Red Skull while he's putting the finishing touches on his Hitler - clone machine and some other sort of terrorist plot. Cap and Bucky jump in, and in the battle with the henchmen, Cap touches the clone machine and his DNA gets in the machine. More cool fights happen and Cap eventually kills the Red Skull just as he flicks the switch... Something happens though with the machine and even though the Red Skull's body dies, we see that his consciousness goes into the cloned body instead of the saved consciousness of Hitler. However, that body is now a genetic match to Cap's body since his DNA got caught up in the machine during the fight.

The movie ends with Cap and Bucky alive and working with Fury, but unbeknownst to them the Red Skull is alive in a perfect genetic copy of Cap where he plots for the sequel...

Monday, May 3, 2010

I may have found my favorite movie blogger

I was looking over my old blog post and came upon this post. I skimmed the article the author wrote and thought to myself "I wonder what else he's written" I clicked on the name Drew McWeeny and it brought some of his latest articles. It seems that he writes often for hitfix and he seems to be saying everything that I would say if I was more eloquent, a better writer and/or had more time.

From his thoughts on the new proposed Dark Tower series by Ron Howard. He hits the nail on the head. He also explains how reading the books as they came out gave us "Constant Readers" a feeling like we were a part of something special that may or may not ever end.

He also brought up the possible adaptation of Ang Lee doing Life of Pi and again made points that I agree with but would never have been able to express.

I will be following Drew McWeeny much more often. He's just been bookmarked, and it's quite possible I will have more links to his posts if everything he writes is as agreable as these.

Check him out, but watch out for spoilers.