Monday, May 3, 2010

I may have found my favorite movie blogger

I was looking over my old blog post and came upon this post. I skimmed the article the author wrote and thought to myself "I wonder what else he's written" I clicked on the name Drew McWeeny and it brought some of his latest articles. It seems that he writes often for hitfix and he seems to be saying everything that I would say if I was more eloquent, a better writer and/or had more time.

From his thoughts on the new proposed Dark Tower series by Ron Howard. He hits the nail on the head. He also explains how reading the books as they came out gave us "Constant Readers" a feeling like we were a part of something special that may or may not ever end.

He also brought up the possible adaptation of Ang Lee doing Life of Pi and again made points that I agree with but would never have been able to express.

I will be following Drew McWeeny much more often. He's just been bookmarked, and it's quite possible I will have more links to his posts if everything he writes is as agreable as these.

Check him out, but watch out for spoilers.

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