Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost MVP

I am going to start experimenting more with this Blog. That means you may see more stories and thoughts than Pop-Culture references. Due to my low readership (read: Since no one is reading anyway), I feel it's time to really play around and see what happens. Things might get weird, but who cares:

First up is a story of what happened last night:

Last night at 9:38 PM I heard my phone vibrating in my kitchen and thought to myself "wow, Lost must be great because Jed is calling me, but I haven't started the episode yet, so I'm just going to let this go to voicemail"

A second later Aubrey's phone starts vibrating and her phone was right in front of her and it's an incoming call from my friend Jed. I answer by saying "I have not started the episode yet so do not ruin it" before allowing him to speak on the other end. He proceeds to tell me that his DVR crapped out and he's very upset and he makes me check my recording to make sure I have the entire thing. i start the episode and fast forward about 15 minutes and inform him that it looks like I have the entire thing and he can either a) watch the episode on or b) come on over. 15 minutes later there is a knock on my door and it's none other than the aformentioned Jed who came over to make sure he got his weekly fix.

Jed officially gets the MVP award for running over to watch a TV show at 10:00 PM not caring of his alergies to the cats or any other negatives. Bravo Jed!

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