Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For People that don't know about Lost and other Cult TV

EW.com just posted a cool article explaining briefly what Lost is about and comparing it to the cult TV shows that came before it. From The Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits to The Prisoner and Space: 1999 (Two shows I have never seen). It also recommends some novels that someone with who is a fan of Lost may want to read. (I personally can highly recommend The Stand and the Dark Tower series, and can also say that I read about 100 pages of the Third Policeman and stopped reading because I did not understand anything that was going on in that book.)

Feel free to read the article by clicking here and enjoy. Unlike most other Doc Jensen articles it is short and it may give you some ideas of things to watch/read during this slow summer season.

Sarah Palin is a Moron

DorkTASTIC! is normally not political, but this kind of blends the line in dorkiness and politics. It seems that someone in Vanity Fair took Palin's resignations speech and put it through their normal editing process. Besides a slew of gramatical errors, there are also a ton of factual errors. I cannot understand how this idiot actually came within a few hundred thousand votes of being the Vice President, and how people seem to actually like her. If anyone can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it. I'm not saying she couldn't be a nice person, but I personally like the leaders of my country to be smart, articulate and hopefully ethical. I don't get any of those from her, but that's beisdes the point. Enjoy this piece from Vanity Fair since it made me giggle.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bill Simmons' Mail Bag

I have not read this yet since it seems quite long, but I usually enjoy Bill Simmons. He is mostly a sports writer, but he loves his pop culture. His movies and TV especially. This newest mailbag of his is about the 2010 lineup and although I'm sure there will be a lot about Sports, there will most likely be a lot of geeky shows that he watches. Give him a read, since he is quite a comedic writer.

Read it by clicking here,

Post Modern Books

I found this list of 61 Essential Post Modern Books in the LA Times. Now maybe my definition of Post-Modern is different than whoever made this list, and I have only read about 10 of the 61 books on this list (although Hopscotch is one that has been sitting on my shelf staring at me for some time), but I do not think some of these are actually Post Modern.
The definition of Post Modern that I always thought was books that are self-aware that they are fiction. If this is correct can someone please explain to me how the Scarlett Letter qualifies?
On that note, it is great that books like "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" made the cut as did Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. But I'm upset that Cloud Atlas did not.

Lost Questions

Even though Lost has been off the air forever, there are still people talking about it. Entertainment Weekly just posted the top 15 questions viewers may want answered before the series ends next May. Click Here to read them and see if you agree or not.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun new website

song chart memes
Aubrey just found a fun new website. www.graphjam.com. They have funny graphs like these. Enjoy it. It seems to be updated often.
see more Funny Graphs