Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Defintely, Maybe....not bad??

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I watched Definitely, Maybe yesterday. It was on HBO and I'm glad I didn't rent it or see it in the theater, but it's worth an HBO viewing. I was most happy with not knowing who the mother was going to be. I was very wrong in my guess and thought it felt "true". Besides that, it starred 3 beautiful girls as the potential moms: Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fischer and Rachel Weisz. The prefect blonde, redhead and brunette to complete the trilogy. You watch that movie and you have to wonder what Ryan Reynolds did in a past life to have those 3 girls in film and have Scarlett Johannsen in real life.
But i digress... I can honestly say, I was surprised I enjoyed the movie as much as I did and although I'm sure at least 70% of that was because of the girls, I'm OK with it. Oh, and Abigail Breslin was cute in the film too so she added a little extra enjoyment.

Lost just keeps getting better.

I'm not going to spend that much time philosophizing on lost since I'm honestly not that smart.
Instead i will post a few things that other people have said. I did not get virtually any of these things that people saw a) since I'm not that smart and b) since I was 1/2 asleep when I watched the episode on Tuesday due to my lack of sleep last week.
Without further ado:

1. lizkpa wrote:

Anyone else think that Ben's "promise to an old friend" and "loose end to tie up" was killing Penny?

2. Chickie wrote:

The final chapter of Ulysses is named "Penelope"....

3. photoskater wrote:

I DO NOT want to say this, but...... if Penny was killed by Ben and Desmond takes off for the island to get revenge, it could explain why baby Charlie is adopted by Simon and Megan Pace.

Sorry, but it does now seem like a possibility. Argh.

4. sarbarmar wrote:

Obviously something bad happened to Kate that we didn't see when they were talking to Mrs. Hawking. And she said things needed to be as close to the original crash as possible - Sayid was in handcuffs, just like Kate had been. And she didn't seem super happy about sleeping with Jack - was she maybe getting pregnant for the flight since the original flight carried an unborn blood relative of Jack's?

5. nikki-is-hot wrote:

Wow, that was a lot of comments to read. If there's anybody still out there, here's another 2¢ worth...

Grandad...wait for it...is JACOB!!!

Christian, his son, "speaks for" Jacob. Clair, his granddaughter, is very comfortable in Jacob's cabin with her father. Everything in the show somehow is tied to Jack, his grandson. Aaron, his great-grandson, is speculated to be somehow vital to the island. Grandad was trying to escape from the old folks home conveniently close to the "window" timeframe, and was traveling with a suitcase containing a pair of his son's shoes. Whenever Jacob was "shown" in the cabin, he was ghostlike - could it be that he was in LA (linked to the island by the lamppost) trying to communicate to those on the island to "help me" get back??

Grandad is Jacob...

6. Miss_taken wrote:

Great Episode!! I’m starting to see a “Daddy’s shoes” theme I hadn’t noticed before. In previous episodes we see Ben removing his drunken father’s shoes in a flashback. We see Kate removing her drunken father’s shoes in a flashback. Both dads killed at the hands of their child. Now Jack is taking his Daddy’s shoes to him. I always thought it was strange that Christian was wearing white shoes with his navy suit, but I figured the white shoes were symbolic. When God met Moses through a burning bush, He told him to take off his shoes because He was standing on holy ground--a practice that was continued when entering the temple in ancient Jerusalem. And the white shoes seemed a sharp contrast to the man in red shoes – that Eloise pointed out to Desmond, who was marked for death in “Flashes before Your Eyes”. She used the man with red shoes as an illustration that the universe self-corrects. Maybe returning Christian shoes is the whole reason to go back to the island - I mean, who can endure eternity with that kind of fashion faux pas?

7. JMT99 wrote:

People have noted that anytime Locke is headed somewhere important, his legs get wounded again. It happened last week when he fell down the well, and a few weeks before when he got shot. It seems there's destiny involved there, or perhaps the island is "course correcting" itself for healing him.

On that note, did anyone notice in last night's episode that anytime Jack was about to take a drink, he was interrupted? Maybe it's the Island's way of making sure he does what he needs to do - instead of turning into another Christian Shepherd.

8. GoolayGirl wrote:

The name of the Butcher shop, "Simon's" where Ben was keeping Locke in the coffin really got me thinking this week. In the Bible Simon (called Peter by Jesus) is said to be the first of the 12 Apostles chosen by Jesus. (He was also the first Pope). Perhaps if Jack is meant to be the 'doubting Thomas', then Ben is the 'Simon Peter'.
It looked like someone was there when Locke died and it kind of looked like Ben. Simon Peter witnessed the Transfiguration of Christ. He also was the apostle that denied Christ 3 times. Simon Peter claimed that he would have died for Christ and even cut off the ear of a man during Jesus' initial arrest. Ben also seemed to want to take John Locke's place. Turning the donkey wheel for him thinking it was the right thing to do. Like Ben's attempt to gather the O6 together following Locke's death, Simon Peter was said to have strengthened his breathren after the death of Christ. It is believed that the other apostles were almost under his orders in a way, that they followed what he said. Simon Peter was the first person to enter Christ's tomb after he rose from the dead and is believed to be the first person to see Christ risen.
On a cooky side note, I loved meeting Jack's grandpa Ray. When I was trying to find out if there was any Ray Shephard connection this morning I found a British artist named Ray Sheppard who did a painting of.....polar bears! :O)

9. bluebird711 wrote:

I don't think Aaron is with Claire's mom. I think Kate left him with Sawyer's old girlfriend who has his daughter. That way no one could find him. It also explains why Kate wouldn't tell Jack about it. Because she never told Jack about what Sawyer whispered to her in the helicopter.

10. liveforlost wrote:

I don't know if anyone's posted this before but the woman sitting at the bar with Jack was in the episode Abandoned in 2005 ... don't know the significance but it's Lost so there must be some!

Also, Some good LOST info can be found at Doc Jensen's weekly column on ew.com


He does a daily recap before the episode of things to look out for, then does another one the day after discussing theories and reviewing what happened. It's always worth a read.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars

This is more of a rant than a post, but how stupid are the Oscars? The awards themselves I couldn't care less about. I'm more upset about the actual show. Every year people complain about the length of the show and they make fun of it themselves all the time. So why is it that they drag out the show with ridulous montages and unnecessary stuff. I guess the network prefers to keep it long because then they can get the ad revenue dollars, but look at what they did for no reason.

1) Montages on animation and comedy and romance and others (I'm not done watching yet)
2) Now they are having a musical showcase with Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. Don't get me wrong, they are talented and good, but it's a waste of time.) I guess I'm just sick of all these Hollywood people sitting around talking about how great they each are and indulging each other and I keep watching.
3) The most indulgent part of the show so far was the Best supporting actresses. They brought up 5 actresses that had won the award in the past then instead of past years when they would read out each person that was newly nominated then show the clip each woman spent about 2 minutes just praising each person that was nominated. It was awful, awkward and just plain weird. And on top of that it took a lot of time.
4) I'm about to start the Best supporting actor part of the show. It is now 10:56. Let's see how long it takes ................................they just finished and it is 11:03. 7 minutes for that and it's not like anyone didn't konw Heath Ledger was going to win... Ridiculous!
5) Now there is a feature on Digital Video. Is this for Documentary? I think so, but I really just do not get this production.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Dorky Day

As some know, I am quite the comic book fan. This weekend in New York the Javitz Center hosted their annual Comicon. I went along with my girlfriend and friend Jason. Not being completely nerdy, I did not dress up, but instead wore my normal outfit of t-shirt and hoodie. I was only at Comicon from 2-6, but 4 hours of walking around was a lot of fun. It started out by visiting Artists Alley section C-5 and was able to say hello to my artist-friend Corey who was drawing pictures and signing autographs. He really is a great artist and anyone can view his stuff here:


I got a lot of freebies and fun stuff and only bought the first 4 trades of fables. I already have the single issues, but now I have the entire library so anyone that wants to borrow the entire set can and I can read them without fishing out the single issues. The funniest thing about this year's Comicon was the insane amount of Watchmen paraphanalia there was. I mean, pretty much everyone at Comicon is already a nerd, and most nerds have already read Watchmen, I would think that would be the least likely place for it, but again what do I know. We estimated that there were definitely over 10,000 copies of Watchmen in the Javitz Center. Kind of insane, but I am looking forward to the movie even more now that it is under 5 weeks away. I know I will blog about that after seeing it. Besides that some ofthe most fun things to see are the people dressed up in crazy costumes. My favorite must have been the kid walking around dressed up as a Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, but I'm not nerdy enough to take pictures of them myself so I don't have any. You can see some of the fun costumes here most of which I actually did see live :


Also, here is a good write up of the events that went on at Comicon that I did not see:


After Comicon we went back to Jason's apartment and played Rock Band for about 4 hours with our other friends Craig and Mike. All in all, it was a dork-tastic day and to celebrate the dorkiness, I have done virtually nothing all day today.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

I'm quite surprised by this movie. I don't know what I was expecting, but the thing that I really enjoyed was the New York City authenticity. It wasn't perfect, but the entire thing was filmed on location, and they went to a lot of my old stomping grounds: Mercury Lounge, St. Marx, Bowery Ballroom, Arlene's Grocery, Veselka etc....
On top of that the characters were very cute especially the 2 leads. I found myself smiling throughout and I guess since I had no expectations I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

My only gripe is that the Empire State Building looked VERY close to 68th and 5th Ave. They just had to change the address to 38th street and it would've made so much more sense. But I'm nitpicking. Given how quickly the city is changing, this is possibly the last movie to be made in the New York I spent my 20s in and it's nice to have it captured so well on film.