Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars

This is more of a rant than a post, but how stupid are the Oscars? The awards themselves I couldn't care less about. I'm more upset about the actual show. Every year people complain about the length of the show and they make fun of it themselves all the time. So why is it that they drag out the show with ridulous montages and unnecessary stuff. I guess the network prefers to keep it long because then they can get the ad revenue dollars, but look at what they did for no reason.

1) Montages on animation and comedy and romance and others (I'm not done watching yet)
2) Now they are having a musical showcase with Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. Don't get me wrong, they are talented and good, but it's a waste of time.) I guess I'm just sick of all these Hollywood people sitting around talking about how great they each are and indulging each other and I keep watching.
3) The most indulgent part of the show so far was the Best supporting actresses. They brought up 5 actresses that had won the award in the past then instead of past years when they would read out each person that was newly nominated then show the clip each woman spent about 2 minutes just praising each person that was nominated. It was awful, awkward and just plain weird. And on top of that it took a lot of time.
4) I'm about to start the Best supporting actor part of the show. It is now 10:56. Let's see how long it takes ................................they just finished and it is 11:03. 7 minutes for that and it's not like anyone didn't konw Heath Ledger was going to win... Ridiculous!
5) Now there is a feature on Digital Video. Is this for Documentary? I think so, but I really just do not get this production.

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