Monday, February 9, 2009

My Dorky Day

As some know, I am quite the comic book fan. This weekend in New York the Javitz Center hosted their annual Comicon. I went along with my girlfriend and friend Jason. Not being completely nerdy, I did not dress up, but instead wore my normal outfit of t-shirt and hoodie. I was only at Comicon from 2-6, but 4 hours of walking around was a lot of fun. It started out by visiting Artists Alley section C-5 and was able to say hello to my artist-friend Corey who was drawing pictures and signing autographs. He really is a great artist and anyone can view his stuff here:

I got a lot of freebies and fun stuff and only bought the first 4 trades of fables. I already have the single issues, but now I have the entire library so anyone that wants to borrow the entire set can and I can read them without fishing out the single issues. The funniest thing about this year's Comicon was the insane amount of Watchmen paraphanalia there was. I mean, pretty much everyone at Comicon is already a nerd, and most nerds have already read Watchmen, I would think that would be the least likely place for it, but again what do I know. We estimated that there were definitely over 10,000 copies of Watchmen in the Javitz Center. Kind of insane, but I am looking forward to the movie even more now that it is under 5 weeks away. I know I will blog about that after seeing it. Besides that some ofthe most fun things to see are the people dressed up in crazy costumes. My favorite must have been the kid walking around dressed up as a Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, but I'm not nerdy enough to take pictures of them myself so I don't have any. You can see some of the fun costumes here most of which I actually did see live :

Also, here is a good write up of the events that went on at Comicon that I did not see:

After Comicon we went back to Jason's apartment and played Rock Band for about 4 hours with our other friends Craig and Mike. All in all, it was a dork-tastic day and to celebrate the dorkiness, I have done virtually nothing all day today.

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