Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best of the Week - First Week of April

I almost didn't write anything this week because it was a bad week both personally as well as pop-culturally. But for the sake of completion:
Best TV show I saw: We are still in the rerun season, so for the second week in a row The United States of Tara has to take this crown. It was a very good episode with new cast member Eddie Izzard being a welcome addition, but this mostly wins be default since everything else I watched was kind of blah

Best movie I saw:
I watched no movies this week. I did, however see parts of two that I did enjoy: The Joneses was a cute premise about people that move into the suburbs flashing their nice cars and gadgets who are really getting paid by the companies to make their neighbors jealous that they don't have the picture phone or nice new car. It stars David Duchovney and Demi Moore as said couple.
The second movie I saw a piece of was a documentary on Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and his attempt make the album Smile called Beautiful Dreamer.

Best thing I read: A graphic novel called I Kill Giants. It follows a young teenage girl that escapes into her fantasies so she doesn't have to face her the harsh reality of what is going on in her family. It had great Manga-style black and white artwork and some great heart in the core of Joe Kelly's writing

I also read: Patton Oswalt's pseudo-biography Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. I heard him talk on Bill Simmons' podcast and this book really piqued my interest. However, I was quite disappointed with this book. I didn't laugh much and there were some chapters that I guess were supposed to be comedy bits, but I just didn't get them.

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