Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best of the Week - Second Week of May

Best Movie I saw: As expected, I saw Thor last Saturday night. Being a HUGE Marvel comics fan it's strange that Thor is one of the few characters I never read regularly and have no real affinity for so when the movie was announced I was not that interested. Good reviews and my loyalty to all things Marvel got me in the theater, and overall it was a very fun movie. I liked how Chris Hemsworth made the character fun and seem like he enjoyed being the god of thunder. Also the guy who played Loki was the most perfectly casted person since Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The depiction of Asgard was perfect, and they somehow made the costumes look good and not out of place in both the mythical world as well as the real world.
Only word of caution: If you plan on seeing the movie, don't bother seeing it in 3D. It added nothing and may even have taken away from the movie. (It definitely took away an extra $4 from my wallet)

Best TV show I saw: I've been a fan of South Park for the last 10+ years, so I know I'm an easy target, but this week's episode making fun of the Canadians was perfect for me. Sure it gets a little silly with the tooth decay stuff, but the wedding traditions actually had me in tears. I dare you to watch the show and try and not laugh.

Best thing I read:I Also Read: The newest trade of Fables came out last month. I slowly made my way through this giant collection reprinting issues #94-100, the last of which itself was 100 pages long. This series is truly becoming an epic and I can never predict where they are going. For those that don't know: Fables follows every nursery rhyme/children's story character as if they are all real people living in New York City. Over the course of 100 years, we have seen characters we all know like The Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Charming etc fall in love, die and confront the adversary that took over all of their "fabled lands" making them flee to our world. This is truly a comic book that anyone will read and love as long as they can get over seeing these characters in very different light than anything Walt Disney will ever release. Now that I reached a milestone of 100 issues, I'm thinking of doing a re-read f the entire series. If only I can find the time.

This issue mostly followed Snow White's sister Rose Red and her coming out of her funk she's been in since the death of her old boyfriend. In doing so, we learn the history of her and Snow White's rift (as well as the true nature of those pesky dwarves).

I also read: An Icelandic book called Jar City. It was pretty terrible, but thought I should note it. I did enjoy the fun (but kind of shallow) new comic book called iZombie. It is basically Twilight meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer with incredible pop-art by the always amusing Mike Alread.

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