Tuesday, December 6, 2011

52 Books in 52 Weeks

I'm sorry to my loyal reader.  But I've been busy.  It has been over 2 months since my last post, but I was a man on a mission.  In the beginning of the year I attempted to read 52 books in 52 weeks.  I was on a great pace and then I decided to read the Game of Thrones novels which are approximately 1000 pages each and there were five of them.
Well, I finished that, but when I did I realized I had only read 39 books and there were about 12 weeks left.  That meant I had to read 14 books in that time period.  So I decided to "cheat".  Of course, I made up the rules, but I decided to try and only read "short" books.  Now this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with a short book vs. a long book, but I normally don't plan my reading this way.  But even though I wanted to read shorter books, this does not mean there was not a ton of quality in these books, nor does it mean these were not books I didn't want to read.  I just chose not to read some books that are longer than some that are shorter.  For example: I'm sure if I wasn't trying to complete this challenge, I would have read the newest Stephen King book by now, but since it is about 1100 pages long, I felt it could wait.  The best part is that I finished a little early.  I will most likely read about 55 books this year instead of the 52 I expected to read.
So now: 18,032 pages later, an average page count of 346.77 pages later, please humor me and take a look at all the books I read this year.  The books breakdown as 41 Fiction Novels,  8 Non-Fiction and 3 collections of short stoies:  Included is the approximate date it was read (the month), the page count and the letter grade I would give as a rating from A-F.


Number Book Author Pages Rating Date
1 Eating The Dinosaur -   Chuck Klosterman 270 B Jan-11
2 Catching Fire  -   Suzanne Collins 391 B+ Jan-11
3 Full Dark, No Stars -    Stephen King 368 B Jan-11
4 Endurance: Shakleton's Incredible Voyage -   Alfred Lansing 280 A- Jan-11
5 Mockingjay  -   Suzanne Collins 290 B- Feb-11
6 The Vintage Caper  -    Peter Mayle 225 C- Feb-11
7 Brains: A Zombie Memoir  -   Robin Becker 182 C Feb-11
8 As God Commands  -   Niccolo Ammaniti 405 Feb-11
9 Never Let Me Go  -   Kazou Ishiguro 288 B Mar-11
10 Mr. Funny Pants  -   Michael Showalter 250 B+ Mar-11
11 The Book Thief  -   Markus Zusak 550 B Mar-11
12 Cross Fire  -   James Patterson 350 C Mar-11
13 The Big Short  -   Michael Lewis 266 B+ Mar-11
14 South of the Border, West of the Sun  -   Haruki Murakami 213 A Mar-11
15 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time  -   Mark Haddon 225 B+ Mar-11
16 On Writing  -   Stephen King 300 B+ Mar-11
17 Zombie Spaceship Wasteland  -   Patton Oswalt 191 D+ Apr-11
18 Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody  -   Robert Brockway 260 C- Apr-11
19 House of Leaves  -   Mark Z. Danielewski 710 B Apr-11
20 20th Century Ghosts  -   Joe Hill 310 B+ May-11
21 Jar City  -   Arnaldur Indridason 285 May-11
22 The Day I Turned Uncool  -   Dan Zevin 172 C+ May-11
23 Flatland  -   Edwin A. Abbott 118 B+ May-11
24 Room  -   Emma Donoghue 322 A- May-11
25 A Visit From The Goon Squad  -   Jennifer Egan 342 A Jun-11
26 Super Sad True Love Story  -   Gary Shteyngart 332 A- Jun-11
27 The Red Pyramid  -   Rick Riordan 516 C+ Jun-11
28 The Throne of Fire  -   Rick Riordan 450 C Jun-11
29 An Object Of Beauty  -   Stever Martin 293 A- Jul-11
30 Tell-All -   Chuck Palahniuk 179 D+ Jul-11
31 The Imperfectionists -  Tom Rachman 265 B+ Jul-11
32 A Game of Thrones -  George R.R. Martin 809 A Jul-11
33 A Clash of Kings -  George R.R. Martin 969 A Aug-11
34 Shopgirl -  Steve Martin 130 B+ Aug-11
35 A Storm of Swords -  George R.R. Martin 1128 A+ Sep-11
36 No Country For Old Men - Cormac McCarthy 309 C+ Sep-11
37 The Big Sleep -  Raymond Chandler 230 B- Sep-11
38 A Feast For Crows -  George R.R. Martin 976 A Sep-11
39 A Dance With Dragons -  George R.R. Martin 959 B+ Oct-11
40 The Postmortal -  Drew Magary 365 B+ Oct-11
41 Tao of Pooh -  Benjamin Hoff 158 B- Oct-11
42 After The Quake -  Haruki Murakami 145 B Oct-11
43 The House on Mango Street -  Sandra Cisneros 110 C Nov-11
44 Techno Pulp -  Arty Nelson  203 C- Nov-11
45 Son of Neptune -  Rick Riordan 513 C Nov-11
46 Black Swan Green -  David Mitchell 294 B- Nov-11
47 Bodega Dreams -  Enersto Quinonez 213 B+ Nov-11
48 Miracle on the 17th Green -  James Patterson 195 B Nov-11
49 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -  F. Scott Fitzgerald 63 C- Nov-11
50 Piercing -  Ryu Murakami 185 B+ Nov-11
51 While Mortals Sleep -  Kurt Vonnegut 255 C+ Dec-11
52 The Visible Man Chuck Klosterman 225 B+ Dec-11

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