Friday, March 12, 2010

2009 Movies I did not like that much

Some people enjoy reading scathing reviews as much as good reviews. I own Roger Ebert's book "I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie" where he just reprinted the reviews where he ripped movies. Mine are short, but these are just the movies I cared less for:
The Hangover – I think this will get better with subsequent viewings, but with these type of movies you really need to see them before you hear everyone in the world quoting them for 6 months before you get a chance. Not much surprised me, so I didn’t laugh too much. I hope it has rewatchability. In order to understand why I did not enjoy this in more detail, you can read this.
Angels and Demons – It passed two hours without boring me. That’s enough.
Knowing – Decent little Sci-Fi film. I’m always shocked when movies don’t have happy endings. The plane crash scene was fantastic.
The Girlfriend Experience – An interesting, depressing little movie.
The Time Traveler’s Wife – If I didn’t read the book, I would have hated this movie. But because I already knew and cared about the characters, it was decent.
I Love You, Man – I really like this one. Just silly fun. Paul Rudd can do no wrong for me.
Precious – Heavy handed, badly directed, pointless movie. I hated every second of it. The only time I was interested was when I said “Is that Lenny Kravitz?”
Public Enemies – A forgettable film that had some of the best music I heard in a movie this year. Ragtime 1920s style score was just perfect. The cinematography was quite nice too, but I just couldn’t care less.
Taken – Fun action movie. Liam Neeson kills so many people.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Pretty terrible. The turned Deadpool: The Merc with a mouth into a silent killer. Hollywood can’t go to the comic book and then shit on the characters. It’s just not fair to the public that doesn’t know anything about these characters.
A Perfect Getaway – Started out pretty good, and then took a nosedive. The “twist” was unbelievable, pointless and just plain bad. Mila Jovovich still looks gorgeous though.
Big Fan – I wasn’t of this boring, pointless movie. And I’m a football fan.
Extract – What happened to Mike Judge? He seems angry.
Terminator Salvation – Someone took a dump on every Terminator movie that came before this. This movie was pointless and stupid. I liked some of the winks to previous movies, but that wasn’t worth the price of admission.
Transformers: Rise of the Fallen – Was it necessary to have horrible, comic relief in this movie? I really didn’t get it. This is an example of too much special effects.

Movies I still need to see: A Serious Man, Bruno, Crazy Heart, Fanboys, Halloween 2, Me and Orson Welles, Moon, Paranormal Activity, Pirate Radio, The Lovely Bones, The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Road, Where the Wild Things Are, World’s Greatest Dad and Zombieland.

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