Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm officially NOT looking forward to the Summer Movies this year

I ran across this list for Summer movies coming out and WOW does it look terrible. I am excited for 3 of these movies:
Iron Man 2 - I will see this movie, but am not too excited for it. I loved the first one, but it looks like the trailer played the entire movie and although i know Robert Downey Jr will make it watchable, I am not expecting much from this.
Robin Hood - Confession: I hate Russell Crowe and think Ridley Scott is VERY overrated. Of all his movies, I like Alien and that's about it.
Shrek - The first one was OK. Since then I don't care.
Prince of Persia - I never played the video game (it's based on a video game, right?) and I don't care.
Sex and the City 2 - Nope.
A-Team - I know I will eventually see this as a guilty pleasure, but this as much as I loved the show when I was 8, it really wasn't very good. And Mr. T isn't even in this
Karate Kid - I'm getting depressed the more I look at these movies
Jonah Hex -- I love comic books, I like Jonah Hex in the comic books, but this is screaming Constatine at me. It will be fine to see, but very forgetable.
Toy Story 3 - One of the few movies I expect to be good this summer
Eclipse - I saw Twilight and hated it, I just don't care.
The Last Airbender - This could be good, but I never watched the cartoon, and don't think I'm the audience for this movie.
Wichita - Romantic comedy with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz -- I'll be at home
Despicable Me - This could be a decent cartoon and I'm sure I'll netflix it, but that's it.
Inception -- The only movie I'm very excited for. I love Chris Nolan and think The Prestige was one of the best movies I've seen in years.
Dinner with Schmucks - I never heard of this before this list, but it has potential
Salt - No thanks
Little Fockers-- Come on Hollywood. This is just embarrassing for both of us.
The Other Guys - More Will Farrell being Will Farrell this time with Marky Mark. I'll catch it on HBO
The Expendables -- This actually looks like what the A-Team wants to be. It stars every action star fromt he 80s now getting together for 1 more mission. They should have gone all out though and gotten Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lungred, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura etc.... and anyone else you can think of and kill them off slowly in huge elaborate action scenes. It would've been the greatest movie ever. But this could be fun.

Overall the movies just seem terrible already this year.

Anyone looking forward to any movies this year? The next movie I want to see is Kick Ass and I hope it does.

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