Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are you Maximizing your Neflix account

The entire time I was watching The Killing all I could think was how I was sure my dad would love this movie, which gave me the idea of buying my father probably the best Father's Day gift I've bought in recent memory. My parents are not the best with technology (after all, I've told them about this blog before but they don't read it because a) They don't think I've a very good writer and b) they have no idea how to find this URL even though I've sent it to them numerous times). But, while watching the movie I wished I could talk to my dad about it, but I knew he wouldn't watch it on his computer screen, and it gave me the idea of getting him a Roku so he could stream movies/TV shows himself on Netflix. I went to his house on Father's Day and although he rolled his eyes when he opened the box because he had no idea what it was, I plugged the box it, set up his account and showed him some basic controls on how to use it. He has since watched The Killing, about 8 episodes of the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents..., about 10 old Saturday Night Live episodes from the 1970s and I now have the ability to add movies to his queue for him (I know his password) if there is ever anything I think he may enjoy. dorkTASTIC! is not known for its endorsements, and the Roku is not the only piece that streams Netflix movies, but everyone that has a Netflix subscription must get some sort of streaming box for their TV, otherwise, you are not maximizing Netflix for what its worth and you're missing out.
My favorite part happened when I mentioned to him that there were thousands of movies and TV shows available. He said to "So I could sit here and watch like 10 days of the show 24 for example?" To which I responded, "No, there were only 8 seasons. You could watch it for exactly 8 days".

Looks like I posted this one day too soon. This is the first bad move I've seen Netflix make in their history:

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