Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What have I been Streaming on Netflix?

Other movies I have seen recently at home include the following:
The Killing by Stanley Kubrick. This is one of those movies I had never seen, but always wanted to and kept putting it off. Simply a great movie by a great artist finding his voice. This movie is from 1956 and the influence this heist picture had on many of the famous filmmakers today is apparent. I have no proof of this, but a) I'm sure this has to be a movie Tarantino has watched a million times because it has very similar plot points as well as a structure to his movies. Also, the mask the main character wears during the main heist is exactly the same as the one Heath Ledger's Joker wears in the opening scene of The Dark Knight and that can't be a coincidence. If you're ever home alone on a rainy day and are unsure of what to watch - do yourself a favor and stream that on your computer.

I also enjoyed the documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story. For anyone that never had a chance to watch Bill Hicks before his untimely death feel free to stream this to understand what he was all about and then watch any of his stand-up specials that are available. He was more of a preacher than an actual comedian, but the good ones usually are. He never quite received the fame he probably deserved in America, but he always made me laugh. This movie is quite sad because you really see the struggle he had with his own fame (or lack thereof) as well as his health (or lack thereof).

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