Tuesday, March 3, 2009

United States of Tara

This is probably my new favorite show on TV. There is one reason why this show is even close to as good as it is and that reason is Toni Collette. This girl can act and it doesn't seem forced at all and this is a role that can easily seem forced.
In The United States of Tara, Toni Collette plays a Kansas suburban mom of a 16 year old slightly rebelious daughter and a 15 year old seemingly already out-of the-closet gay son which I will go into later.
John Corbett plays her husband who runs a landscaping business. The twist of the show is that Tara has multiple personalities. It seems she was raped or something in high school or college (they haven't quite explained what happened yet, but they're working up to that). She has 4 distinct personalities. Tara an artist/mother. T - a 16 year old slutty teenager that wants to drink and party. Buck - a 40ish Vietnam Veteran man that drinks, smokes and watches a lot of porn. Alice - a 1950s-type of June Cleaver mom that is a great homemaker and kind of a hard-ass. She may be emotionally detached, but she's fun.

The only problem with the show is the gay son character. The writers are really forcing him in because I understand there are gay kids out there that know they are gay from a young age, and I'm OK with that. My biggest problem is his personality. They make him this Jazz-loving gay kid that is chasing after the jesus-loving jock on the show. Now, I may be wrong, but I highly doubt there are many people that can relate to this kid.

The real star of the show is Collette. The girl can act and worth seeing every week.

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