Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on my Blog

I just realized, that I need to start rating my movies in some way, shape or form. I'll probably have to go with 0-10 point scale since letter grades don't leave enough room for differentiating.
So that said, going forward if I hate a movie, I will be giving it a 0 in bold at the end and if I love it, I will be giving it a 10.

My scale will basically look like this:
0 This is a horrible piece of shit that should never be watched again -- something like Jumper
1 Horrible with some redeemable qualities.
2 Bad, just something that was cliche.
3 Bad, but at least some originality.
4 Not that bad, but not that good.
5 Completely average - probably the worst grade to get.
6 Not that good, but not that bad
7 Good
8 A very good movie, usually a comedy or action movie (not my usual preferred genre) that I would watch again.
9 A great movie, but not necessarily something I need to watch again very soon.
10 A great movie, an instance classic that I cannot wait to watch again in the near future.

**I reserve the right to change my grading scale at any time.**

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