Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Off-Season Lost Stuff

Doc Jensen from Entertainment Weekly has once again posted his thoughts on Lost and the core themes and ideas throughout the different seasons.  This along with the questions most people want answered during the final season of Lost that begins far too long from now.  I really like Jensen's ability to tie a lot of things together from popculture and books and philosophers that I would never read or even if I did, I would never be able to piece together everything he does.  
Below are the different articles that he posted this summer and all have their merits.

Fifteen Must Answer Questions  - The setup of this is a little annoying since you have to scroll through each one to move on, but they are good question.

Enjoy, and do yourself a favor and read some of the things he makes reference to.  I have read Watchmen and Sandman many times, and enjoyed them.  I attempted to read the Third Policeman and had to put it down since I didn't understand it, but if you are looking for things to read and are a fan of Lost, most of these seem to be good options.

Also, for people that like Doc Jensen, you can read all his musings going back to season 1 at his section of the Entertainment Weekly Website called Totally Lost.  There is a ton of good stuff especially since his thoughts were always great, and you see how wrong he was at times and others how close he was in predicting what was going to happen.

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There is no way I am reading all this... We'll just all watch the season premier together and you will recap, right?