Monday, August 17, 2009

Tarantino's favorite movies since 1992

Most people that know me and knew me in High School know I was a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. My love for him has dwindled since he has not released that many films in his career, but he does have an interesting sense of what is a great movie and what is not. Although you may not agree with his taste, I like to see where he gets his inspiration from. With the movie Inglorious Basterds opening on Friday, this is a good time to figure out what he says.

Click here to be brought to the youtube clip featuring Tarantino's opinion.

For those (like me) that get antsy if a video is more than 20 seconds long, here is the movies that he thinks are the best since 1992: (My comments on his list are below in italics)

Battle Royale- Fantastic future distopianJapanese movie. Anyone that has seen this agrees it is one of the best in recent memory.
Anything Else - I turned this off. I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan and this was not one of his best. Match Point on the other hand...
Audition - I have tried to watch this a few times, but it is quite brutal. I understand why Tarantino has this on his list. I do need to watch it myself. For those that don't know, it's a Japanese horror film of sorts.
Blade - This was the first movie based on a Marvel Comic and made possible all the other comic book movies that have come since. I agree with this for that reason, although it's not the best comic book movie.
Boogie Nights - I love this movie as well. The opening crane shot in the disco is fantastic, and any scene with Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly is priceless.
Dazed & Confused - One of the best. I agree wholeheartedly. My friend Craig used to throw a 70s themed Dazed and Confused party every year in honor of this film it is that good.
Dogville - I tried to watch this and failed. But I understand why Tarantino would like this.
Fight Club - Another one of my favorites as well. A revolutionary film and still Fincher's best in my eyes.
Friday - A fun comedy, but wouldn't be on my list
The Host - Great Korean horror film that I rented last year. A fun monster movie in the vein of Godzilla, but not as cheesy.
The Insider - I never saw this, but I know I should.
Joint Security Area - I never heard of this one.
Lost In Translation - I didn't love this movie. I still don't know what all the rage is for this movie. It's OK, but that's all for me (dawg)
The Matrix - Agreed. This changed the way action movies were done after 1999.
Memories of Murder - Never heard of this one either.
Police Story 3 - Or this.
Shaun of the Dead - I Agree with Tarantino. This is a fun, awesome movie.
Speed - This wouldn't be on my list, but I understand why he includes this. Like The Matrix, this was the blueprint for action movies for a few years after this came out.
Team America -I think South Park is better, but Team America is quite fun. Trey Parker is a modern genius in my eyes.
Unbreakable - Agreed again. This movie is so well done. The pacing, the story and direction are spot on.

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