Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love "I Love You, Man"

I went and saw this movie last night. It is quite funny, and as my friend Dan said right before the movie started, we may be living in a golden age of comedy. I thought the movie would be OK, but it was much funnier than I expected. I am probably the perfect audience for this movie, age appropriate and everything so that helps. On top of that all of the actors are people I normally enjoy like Paul Rudd and Jason Segal (who gets funnier in everything I see him in and unlike many others, he does not always play the same character). I will not rehash any scenes or anything, but I will say there were many laugh out loud moments, and I had tears in my eyes twice from laughing - don't worry, they don't try to get too serious near the end as many comedies seem to. This is a definite 8 on my 10 point scale after the first watch, and cannot wait to see it again when it comes on TV since I'm sure I'll pick up a lot of things I missed on repeat viewings.

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