Friday, April 10, 2009

More Lost Thoughts for the newest episode

Once again these are taken from popcandy. I do not condone or agree these, but they are good food for thought:

This week's episode of Lost focused on Ben's smoke-filled judgment and introduced us to a "magic toilet." You had lots to say about the dynamic duo of Locke 'n' Linus, but here are 10 comments that intrigued me.

These are posted in random order and unedited:

1. Sister Carrie wrote:

Ben stalks Danielle in order to kill her and is stopped at the moment of truth by the sight of Alex.

Ben stalks Penny in order to kill her and is stopped at the moment of truth by the sight of Charlie.

Is the thought of a mother being taken away from a child the only way to stop Ben? Is it his Achilles heel?

2. lizkpa wrote:

How did Ethan become an Other? Was he kidnapped by the Others as a baby? Or was Amy an Other all along...

3. Nickan8r71 wrote:

so does that confirm once and for all that all the "dead" people other people have been seeing are actually smokey?

4. hurleyburley wrote:

Didn't Ilana and the other guy (not sure of his name) who asked Lapidas, "What is in the shadow of the statue?" seem to be under some kind of spell or sickness... maybe similar to the state Rousseau's shipmates were in?

5. lz449 wrote:

When Ilana asks, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" it is probably a riddle like "What did one showman say to the other?" I wonder if it is a reference to Ozymandius, the poem not the Watchmen, which is about how fleeting power is? It would be rather appropriate if she is working for Widmore. It seems like there were more than 1 on the plane working for him. Perhaps they did not know one another except by the coded question.

6. calnot wrote:

So Charles rides up to the Other's camp on a horse... now we know why Kate saw a horse in the jungle, huh?

7. tt120 wrote:

Did anyone else notice the special attention Locke (and the camera for that matter) paid to his shoes? These were the same shoes that belonged to Christian and Jack put on Locke before the plane ride as instructed by MS. Hawking. Locke took these shoes off for the boast ride over to the main island and carefully put them on again once on the main island. The camera seemed to spotlight Locke performing these actions.

I don't ever remember somone on Lost careing so much about their shoes!!! I get the feeling subconciously Locke is performing these actions without realizing it.

Are Christian’s old shoes helping guide Locke’s instincts? When he see’s him again is he going to ask for them back? :) Are the island's magic slippers?

8. Chickie wrote:

BTW, someone earlier mentioned Locke and his shoes. It is my understanding that the Bible makes reference to putting shoes ON for a journey, but taking them OFF for mourning, or when entering a sacred place or walking on holy ground.

9. NewsMan07 wrote:

Did anyone notice how the Ajira castaways were treating the metal box on the beach? They were preparing to carry it just like the Ark of the Covenant was transported--using wood, or long trees as pole-like handles. The Ark has a historical connection to Tunis--the same spot where people who are transported "off" the island by turning the "Frozen Donkey Wheel" wind up. Tunis, of course, is located in, that's right: Egypt. I also noticed a small bear skull on Ben's old desk, and thought it was especially humorous that as Ben was on the phone to Charles Widmore telling him he was about to kill Penelope, he walked right by a boat named "Savage," clearly visible in the background.

10. IU Shoe wrote:
When Ben is punched and thrown in the water, he looks as if he is coherent enough to retrieve the gun. I don't know if a gun that is wet with sea water can still function.But we didn't see the end of that segment. Would Ben apologize for shooting Dez or is there more to the ending of that story. Doesn't sound like Ben to apologize when he didn't complete is intended mission......killing Penny.


Kerri said...
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Kerri said...

Re: #2 ... Silly for anyone to wonder where Ethan came from when we saw Juliette deliver him just a few episodes ago.