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This season of Lost is still awesome

Here is what people are saying (on one website) about this most recent episode of Lost. Also-- remember to always read Jeff Jensen's articles before and after every episode since he always has some insight of things you never would have thought of:,,1550612_20245769_20269517,00.html

1. SAM451 wrote:

OK, was it just me or did the woman that had Aaron in the supermarket look like an aged Claire!!! It seemed pretty obvious to me right when I saw her!

2. lizkpa wrote:

The conversation between Miles and Hurley had to be the best LOST dialogue ever! The craziest part is that I think I actually understood it...

Hurley may have stumped Miles, but not me! I think that Ben did remember that it was Sayid that shot him when he was 12 years old. That's why he found him years later and brought him "back" to the island on Flight 815. Ben knew that with Sayid he had a ruthless killer at his disposal. After all, if Sayid could shoot an innocent child, he would certainly kill anyone that Ben wanted dead.

I know Richard said that Ben wouldn't remember anything, but Ben is Ben after all...

3. Ainesey wrote:

So then Juliet knew what Richard was going to do to Ben? I mean, I'm guessing she didn't think the Others were equipped for a surgery, so she knew that they were going to save him in another way. So I wonder how much she knew, like that it was going to "change him"?

Furthermore, Juliet must know a crapload of stuff about the island, I wonder if Sawyer or anyone has questioned her about it.

4. CA Steeler wrote:

Kate sang "Catch a Falling Star" to Aaron, just like Christian sang to Claire when she was a child.

dudewhat (0 friends, send message) wrote: 9h 28m ago
This might be an obvious observation but I think it's rather odd that Sayid, a trained assassin and ruthless killer, did not kill the young Ben.

5. Sister Carrie wrote:

Now we have another paradox:

Locke: Welcome back to the LAND of the LIVING.

Charlotte: This place is DEATH.

So which is it? I think in the end we will find that both the Others and the DHARMA scientists were after the same thing: a way to escape death and continually RECYCLE life.

The Others through supernatural means, DHARMA through scientific means.

The Swan orientation tape was hidden in the bookshelf behind Henry James’ “Turn of the Screw.” “Turn of the Screw” is a ghost story, although there is a question about whether the ghosts are real or if the person who sees the ghosts is insane (think Hurley). And the orientation film itself reveals that while DHARMA is involved in the physical sciences, it is also experimenting in PARAPSYCHOLOGY – a big part of which is understanding what happens after someone DIES.

Who doesn’t want eternal life?

6. calnot wrote:

Anyone notice how Kate couldn't hold up under Alpert's gaze. What does he know about her that we don't know? He asked her who she was. Maybe he's like LaFleur... not asking questions unless he already knows the answer.

7, spence425 wrote:

i think ben does remember all of this.

why did he want kate and sawyer ? they were on the list...they were good people because in his past, they helped ben.

why did he have such an infatuation with juliette? because in his past she tried to save him.

why did jack not really belong? because he didn't want to help young ben. if you remember, jack wasn't on "the list" and the presumption is that he is only brought to the others because of his ability to help ben with his tumor.

i think hurley is on to something. wouldn't ben remember? although richard says he won't, perhaps it's a subconcious thing...i don't know...just got me thinking.

8. okgirl_ok wrote:

1. What exactly do Sawyer and the rest of the Dharma Initiative in 1977 know about Alpert and the powers of the island? Obviously, Sawyer knows more than he ever did before, or else why would he have sent Ben to him to be magically/mysteriously "healed"?

2. We still don't know what happened to Faraday.

3. Sawyer had conspicuous and ominous remarks about Faraday a few weeks past.... implying that he knows something about Faraday...

Is it too big a leap to assume that whatever happened to Faraday is also how Sawyer now knows more about Alpert and the others? Could Faraday have joined their ranks?

9. LostntheMystery wrote:

They went to great pains last night to show that Roger Linus is not an inherently evil man. When he realized his mistake he was truly sorry. I think one of the themes on the show is that everyone is redeemable. In fact, I felt all along that even though he was clearly abusing Ben it was only because he loved Ben's mother so much that he didn't know how to deal with her death and he took it out on Ben. It's not an excuse, but a simple understandable human flaw. We all have them. We might even get a flashback showing what an incredible person Ben's mom was and how it was totally understandable that Roger couldn't get over her loss. Who knows?

I'm still intrigued with Ekko's refusal to ask for forgiveness. I got the impression he honestly felt that he was basically a good person who did what he did only because of circumstances. Like Sayid. Is Sayid headed toward a similar fate?

I've felt all along that the show plays with questions of what is good? and what is evil? Is murder always evil or does it depend on circumstances and/or intent? I think it was revealing that Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate basically decided that even knowing what they know about Ben, it still was fundamentally wrong to let a 12 year old boy die. That was the first time I felt the Lost writers were making a definitive moral judgement through one of their characters.

10. lz449 wrote: picking up on a thought I had earlier, if Widmore and Hawking are the co-leaders of the Others, it gives credence to the theory that Widmore is Faraday's dad.

And in the "Come on, you were totally thinking it, too" department:

QC Miss wrote:

How killer were Kate's shoes in the grocery store!!!!

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