Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dead Like Me

I loved the show Dead Like Me when it was on Showtime. I just finished watching the direct to DVD movie. Now, it was nothing special but it wasn't bad either. It would have been another good episode, but I'm glad I didn't have to pay any money to see this.

Dead Like Me was created by a guy named Bryan Fuller. After that show he went on to do Wonderfalls (which had potential, but I only saw one episode), then he was the head writer on Season One of Heroes (AKA the only good season that show ever had).
He then went on to create Pushing Daisies, which was one of the most fun TV shows on for 2 years (or more accurately 2 half-seasons) until it was canceled this year.

I hope he finally makes something that sticks and finds its audience since all of his shows are quite good.

The Dead Like Me movie had some problems, most notable in the casting replacement they had to do for certain characters. The movie followed a typical arc, and I would love to see a sequel sometime since the ending left open a bunch of really cool possibilities.

If anyone has a chance, this show is worth Netflixing sometime.

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