Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the Lost fans

I will not go into writing about the Lost finale which was insanely awesome, but there are too many questions and too much to talk about. Instead I will just point you to what I was reading. Mostly all 50 pages (so far) of discussion on my favorite nerdboard. These guys are pretty good at doing their research and have good ideas at times. Check it out here.

There is also the new Doc Jensen column on Entertainment weekly. He always has great ideas, even if they are a bit high-brained. Enjoy

Afterwords, I did watch Jimmy Kimmel which had a pretty funny bit. If you remember the old Conan O'Brien skit called "Secrets" this was pretty much the same thing only about Lost Secrets. I found most of them on youtube and you can watch them all here:



Jin Again

Ben Again

Ben and Jin Together


Jin #3

Ben #3


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