Saturday, May 9, 2009

The New Star Trek

Last night I went to see the new Star Trek movie with Aubs. Before I say anything about this movie, I will give you some History.

I was never a big Star Trek fan. That said: I have seen every one of the movies. Most in the theater (In fact, The Wrath of Kahn is my first memory of going to a movie, and I even have a slight memory of seeing the original in the theater, but very slight) I have watched almost every episode of The Next Generation since my brother is a huge fan of that show and I really enjoy it as well. And I have seen a few random episodes of each of the other series including Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and the original Series. That's right, I cannot remember watching one episode of the original series.
Any follower of this blog knows I'm a huge fan of Lost and with JJ Abrams directing and Damon Lindeloff producing and the great reviews this was getting, I was pretty psyched for this movie.

Now for my review: The movie was absolutely amazing. It pulled off one of the most impossible feats: Surpassing already high expectations. The movie was filled with great action, acting, a fun story, some shout outs to the original movies and (I'm assuming) the TV Show. Each of the characters also had their moments to shine.
Sulu - Only had one really good scene, but it was quite good so it was enough.
Scotty - Provided a lot of the comic relief and was played perfectly by Simon Pegg.
Uhura - Played a surprising role in this movie which worked. She wasn't just an 'intergalactic cheerleader' as I remember her character being called in the original series from somewhere.
Bones - Was played so jaded and angry at the world as well as providing the most comic relief including one or 2 inside jokes.
Chekov - was also great with his signature V and W mix-ups added in for more comic effect.
Spock - was done very well and is one of the main characters in this movie but in a way that was most satisfying to anyone new to the series and he provided the explanation to any truly hard-core Trekkies that may not be happy with some of the decisions the producers decided to take.
Kirk - Was really the best in the film. The actor was quite likable and had just the right amount of Shatner in him.
Nero - The villain played by Eric Bana was also quite well played with his motivation very Kahn-like, but if you're going to borrow from an old Star Trek movie, it may as well be from the best.
There is also one surprising cameo by an actress that was the only strange part about the movie. She is a famous person, and plays an important role but it is the only time I got taken out of the movie at all.

All in all, this was a great movie and well-worth anyone's trip to the theater. Anyone that knows even a little bit about pop-culture knows enough about Star Trek to get most of the references. It had it all including a red-shirt, people beaming places, the Enterprise's first journey, a new origin for Kirk that even old-school fans can enjoy, a young Spock and Kirk, Vulcan, San Francisco, Phasers, sword fights, Red Matter, and even time travel.

Go see this one. It is worth it and I can't wait to see it again.


Corey Breen said...

well, it convert me.! I am now a Trek fan. Star Wars is always my first love, but WOW! They got me. All you had to do was make it good! It was a little like Lost-Light, but I loved how they kept it simple and yet really nailed time travel exceptional well, for all us nerds and "regular" audiences! Brilliant!

I was one of the only few who really like Nemesis what did you think of that one?), but this movie BLEW me AWAY! I loved the acting, the pacing, the dialogue, the SFX, the scope and especially the cimematography (I really felt like I was in outer space the WHOLE time- maybe it was just because I saw it on a DIGITAL screen (which by the way, NEVER going to see a movie NOT on one now- the clarity and color- OMG!)) The cast was awesome, even the "cameo" you said was a little weird, I liked it.

I'll right my review of it soon on my Blog, too. The movie has inspired me to draw Kirk & Spock! LOL

You nailed the other characters though. Sulu's one part was SICK! Kirk was the best.. likable, and Spock was really well done! I loved the movie, I can't wait to see it again! Loved everything about it, I could go on. Man, do I love good Sci-Fi, there is really nothing that makes me more happy!!

Glad you liked it too, and now, next week.. Angels and Demons!! My favorite novel of all time! You seeing that one?

AJ said...

Wasn't it awesome?

I am a HUGE Trek fan and was quite intent on hating it but I just couldn't - it was GREAT.

FYI- Sulu with the samurai sword was tribute to a geat original series episode in which Sulu falls ill, becomes deleriously flamboyant and runs through the ship challenging people to samurai sword fights.

I think Karl Urban (as Bones) was my favorite part.

Who was the famous actress you are referring to? The only thing that caught me off guard was Tyler Perry-- a bunch of people in my theater said, out loud, "MADEA?!"

Coffee Maker said...

I dare say this new Capt. James T. Kirk does a better job than the first one at embodying all that is Capt. James T. Kirk