Friday, January 2, 2009

Bill Clinton on Spectacle

I just watched a TV show on the Sundance Channel. It is hosted by Elvis Costello and this particular episode featured Bill Clinton just speaking about music for an hour. Music is always something that has been important to me, but hearing someone that I respect like Bill Clinton speak about it for an hour made me a) feel dumber about music than ever before, and b) made me appreciate it even more so.
He spoke mostly about southern music, and jazz and blues with some sprinklings of rock and roll and even hip hop since Chelsea made him listen to it at one point. He went on to say how much people can learn if they understand the cadence and rhythm of music. He went on to connect all world music and how the music of a country can keep them going like the South African music did during the apartheid.
I wish I had more time to play the guitar or piano or anything, but I don't. And as Clinton himself said. He got more music scholarships than academic scholarships, but he recognized that he would never be great at music and he thought he could be great in politics. I'm of the opinion that he was the best president in my lifetime, and hearing it come from him he gives credit to his lifetime of listening and performing (even if he's performing for himself).

This is a worthwhile TV show to watch if you ever have an hour to spare. It may even get you to pick up an instrument.

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