Sunday, January 18, 2009

My DVR Queue

The invention of DVR has changed my television viewing habits. Possibly for the worse. I now watch a lot more television shows and justify it by telling myself I am doing it in less time. I am going through the list of what shows are currently set to record everytime they air new episodes.

Rock of Love Bus - Guilty pleasure which I actually have not seen yet. But the girlfriend watches it. It usually puts me to sleep.
Scrub - The show is not as good as it once was, but it still has its moments.
30 Rock - I just got into this. I am watching season 1 on Netflix on my awesome bluray player/netflx streamer. But this is not a show that I need to be surprised by. Just good, quality comedy
The Simpsons - I sometimes don't make it through each new episode. But it's still the simpsons
Damages - I really enjoyed the first season, but have not started season 2 yet
Top Chef - One reality show I actually like, but i always watch it before i go to bed and i'm always hungry after I watch it
Heroes - Season 1 was great, but since then it has been slipping. I hope season 3 part 2 picks it up again
How I Met Your Mother - In my opinion: One of the better comedies on TV
Dirty Sexy Money- I think it was just canceled, but this was a fun soap opera
Smallville - I will watch this until the bitter end. It has not been that great for a few years, and losing the best actor on the show (the guy that played lex luthor) does not help.
The Office -Another fun comedy. Sometimes uncomfortable, but always funny.
Dexter - Season 3 just ended and it is not coming back anytime soon, but Michael C. Hall is great in this show
Pushing Daisies - another show that was just canceled and I'm upset by that. This show was gorgeous to watch and just kooky enough to be endearing
Chuck - Season 1 was just OK. This season has been a lot more fun.
Mad Men - Another show that I am going to miss in the off season
Lost - The best currently on television. I'm sure there will be more blogs based on Lost coming.
South Park - 10 years running and still gerat.
Swingtown - This was not always the best, but it was a fun summer show.
The Middleman - Probably no one knows this. It was a weird super hero show on ABC Family. But it was very well written and acted. It reminded me of the shows like My Secret Identity
Real time with Bill Maher - He's sometimes a little heavy-handed but I love his weekly New Rules
True Blood - One word "Sookie".
Fringe - I'm trying to like this show and I'm on the fence.
Saturday Night Live - Not that great anymore. But the news and the digital shorts make this DVR worthy.

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