Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost-- Jughead

There are always spoilers here- so read at your own risk.

1) Widmore was an other. This is huge. I am leaning more and more towards the thought that the original others/hostiles/richard and widmore are original people from the black rock or their children. It looks more and more like the BlackRock crashed on the island (or got stuck in the center of it during an island time-jump) . The fact that the others speak latin I think helps this theory as well. Not that all slavers spoke latin, but it at least shows how long they've been around.

2) Desmond named his son Charlie. If I had feelings, I would have cried when I heard that.

3) Penny's not going to make it.

4) Looks like we know now why the island disapeared when it went back in time. Jughead is due to blow this season, and next season is going to be a race in time to stop it from blowing. Let's hope Lost isn't this predictable.

5) I did not miss any of the Oceanic 6 and that's why I love this show. So many great characters. But I still hate Juliet, and I hope she doesn't get with Sawyer as it seems is going to happen. She belongs with Jack, and Sawyer with Kate.

6) Is Charlotte dead? I hope so. The question is why... Was she exposed to radiation like Desmond? Why are the time jumps affecting her and no one else

7) Widmore bought the manifest from the Black Rock last season. Because he was on it?

That's enoug for now. Good episode. The show does not disapoint.

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