Saturday, January 3, 2009

My week in websites

Everyday there are certain websites that update daily things I enjoy. I felt like this was a good time to list them:

1) Sporcle - This is a fun trivia time-killer

2) Bendis Boards - This is a comic book message board, but it is so much more as well. My favorite thing on this site is on Fridays, some guy posts Weird things he found while searching the internet last week. Here is the last week's: Weird Images thread

3) On Mondays I go to Filmwise - This site is a fun game that takes 20 seconds. They show 8 scenes from a movie but they photoshop out the people and you have to guess the movie. I have gotten all 8 once. It is tough. I go back the next Monday and check the answers from last week as well as the new Invisibles.

4) JoBlo, and IMDb are also fun entertainment sites that keep me up on anything I might need.

5) My other favorite blog to read is Popcandy which is run by a girl with very similar tastes as myself

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