Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Time

Hello all my loyal followers (both of you)
I am now unemployed and because of that I should have more time to blog. What I've been up to in the pop culture variety:

Surprisingly I have more time to do whatever I want, but in a weird way it seems I have less time. Not being on the subway has curtailed my reading. And even though I'm home, I'm not watching that much TV or movies. What I have seen:
Weeds: Season 2. I am in the middle of watching this and it is suprisingly a lot of fun.
Lost: Season 5 started. It is a little different with the time travel elements thrown in now.
American Idol: I don't know why I still watch it. I do, but I do not enjoy it.
Fringe: Last night's episode was probably one of the best one of the season. Either that, or I am getting to like the characters which is kind of like what happened to me with Reaper last year.

As for everything else. Please keep me in mind for any great pop-culture related jobs that may be out there. I'm pretty available the next few months, but I'm hoping to use this time to reflect and find a job I actually like/love.

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